What are the beeps I hear when I turn my computer on?

The BIOS (Built In Operating System or Basic Input Output System) is what the MoBo (MotherBoard) of a PC uses to control all the functionality of the components. It maintains the Real Time Clock and checks the MoBo is working before it loads the Operating System (Windows, Apple or Linux).

If during the POST (Power On Self Test) the BIOS detects the failure of a MOBO component, it usually issues a series of beeps. Here is a short list of the most common beeps.

No Beeps: Short, No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals

One Beep: Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine

Two Beeps: POST/CMOS Error

One Long Beep, One Short Beep: Motherboard Problem

One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps: Video Problem

One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps: Video Problem

Three Long Beeps: Keyboard Error

Repeated Long Beeps: Memory Error

Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps: CPU Overheating .