Can I run multiple operating systems on my Laptop?

Yes, it's perfectly feasible to run several operating systems on one computer, either a Desktop or Laptop.

The restrictions are basically the space on your hard disk drive. The bigger the drive the more space for each OS the better.

Windows prefers to have a heirachy of Older operating System installed first.

Linux will install along with Windows in most cases.

Not sure about Apple OS as I've never used it.

I run two flavours of Windows on my Laptop and also Linux. Here's what I did.

The PC came with Window Vista pre-installed. I used Partition Master to divide the C: drive into two patitions with the new D: drive for all my data files. I then used Acronis True Image 11 to take a backup disk image of the C: drive before I made any changes.

Next I repartitioned the C: drive into four partitions. One for Vista, One for XP and two for Linux.

I installed XP first, then tested it was working and could access the D: drive. Next I installed Vista. It detected the XP partition and I was offered a choice of replacing it or installing into another partition, which I did. Doing this also created a boot menu offering two choices Vists and "Older Version of Windows", that the XP version. I rebooted and checked that I could switch between each OS from boot up.

Finally I used a Boot Linux Disk of Linux Mint 10. This installed in the Main spare partiton and created a swap section in the remaining partition. Again a boot menu was created, Linux or Windows Vista. Again testing all boot options gave me all three Operating Systems from boot.