How easy is it for a customer to edit a website? very easy is the short answer.

If you can use a computer, can browse the web and can use a word processor program, then you have 90% of the skills already. If you have a flair for design then add another couple of percent.

Using a Content Management System (CMS) the site is built and sits there waiting for the user to add to it. You submit articles, links, items and pictures, place them onto ready built templates, check that they look OK then publish them with a click of a button. And there it is.

This FAQ item was made in exactly that way, the site was built using a template system and then uploaded to the web, once it was all up and running, I can log in from anywhere in the world and add pages, pictures and so on. I can do this from any computer using any operating system, all I need is the login details and the information and or pictures I want to upload.

A Typewriter repair tool

For example I had previously added the picture above on a free photo sharing site. I clicked a button, added the address of the picture, set some formatting information like size and position, added a border and clicked add, there it is. I could just have easily uploaded it to the site but why waste my space and bandwidth when there are free sharing sites out there that give it away, it all saves on the pennies.

Now, once I've created the page, I run the spell checker over it just in case, click add and see what it looks like before I make it public. If I'm unhappy with the layout I can edit it and then preview it again. Once it's all done I publish it and there it is for all the world to see.