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Welcome to my "Used Bits 'n' Pieces page. Here, I offer for sale, some things I have bought or acquired over the years but which I no longer want. These things may be of use to you as spares to repair your own stuff or as items of interest, antiquity or fun. Some of it is still working though anything electronic is out of manufacturers warranty. Some things may no longer be supported by a manufacturer so don't expect it to work with Windows 10, it may not even be a 32 bit device, in which case it won't work with Windows 95!. I offer no warranty whatsoever on anything here, suffice to say, if it was working when it left me, has not been damaged in transit and has not been damaged or modified or changed by you, then send it back for a refund after receipt and inspection.

Please browse the categories and have a look at the description in full, in which I will give as much information as I can. You can then choose to buy or not. I offer nothing by auction, none of this is simply e-bay resales, though some of the items may have originally been purchased through e-bay. This website is not in any way affilliated with, owned or run by e-bay or any other retailer, wholesaler or vendor. All the items here are mine alone to sell or give away as I choose.

NOTICE: Products will ONLY be shipped to Validated UK Addresses.

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Binatone Spirit Phone

Binatone Spirit 410 corded telephone with Caller ID.

Sales price: £10.00

Blank Text File

Blank text file for testing purposes

Sales price: £0.01


Lot of TWO (2) XPS Laptops

Sales price: £50.00