Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Chas. I'm a long time electronics repairer, computer builder, fixer and programmer. I used to work in the computer and consumer electronics industries, as an engineer, technical trainer and IT management. Now retired, I have offered help and assistance to friends, family, former colleagues and acquaintances with their computers and websites. I now do the odd repair in my home workshop, more for fun and passing on my knowledge and experience via my YOUTUBE Channel.

I used to build and host websites and if you want a cheap website set up, there are loads of people out there who will build you one for about a hundred quid. I specialised in websites where the user wanted to change the look and content regularly. To achieve this I prefered to use a Content Management System (CMS) like JOOMLA or WORDPRESS. I prefer Joomla as I've worked with it from it's Mambo beginnings.

However, there are now so many hosting companies offering templated website creation tools which make building a website childsplay, it's only specialist creators who want to bother building a site with a CMS, so I've archived a lot of the information I had here and will concentrate on what I know best, fixing stuff.

I no longer take on any new web projects but I'll try and offer what advice I can. Please use the CONTACT ME page to get in touch.

Keep well and happy.